SonicWall is announcing the End of Sale for our Security as a Service (SECaaS) Program. Effective August 1, 2024 (November 1st for Canada), SonicWall will no longer sell any net new SECAAS agreements with limited exceptions for add-on licensing. Note: This program change does not impact existing agreements. Existing SECaaS contracts can continue with current agreements beyond August 1, 2024.

SECaaS partners wishing to purchase additional units beyond August 1st may either:  

  • Enroll in the SonicWall Service Provider Program (formerly MSSP Program).
  • Use the Service Provider Program for licensing + purchase hardware through our Secure Upgrade program.
  • Distribution financing/leasing programs for hardware may be available with select Distributors.

SonicWall is ready to assist partners in transitioning their procurement model and program. For more information, please contact NOAM -, EMEA -, LATAM - and APJ -

SonicWall Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS)

SonicWall's SECaaS is a monthly subscription pricing model (OPEX) with no upfront costs.  This business model is very popular with the MSP/MSSP partner community, or any sales scenario where a monthly subscription price is the preferred purchasing mechanism for the end-customer.   

Available from SonicWall exclusively for our partner community, this monthly pricing option includes the hardware.  Allowing our partners to effortlessly "pass this model along" to their clients, a monthly subscription security service with no upfront costs.  Partners win more business at higher margins, and end-customers receive critical managed network security solutions to protect their businesses. 

There is no upfront cost or investment. The SECaaS model allows partners to align their incoming recurring revenue stream with a predicatable monthly expense model, enabling them to grow their business more effectively.


SECaaS Firewall Bundle

The SECaaS Firewall Bundle provides all of the technology needed to support a managed firewall/security solution.  All in one SKU and one monthly subscription price.  Or select individual components of the SonicWall security solution portfolio as needed.

  • SonicWall Next-Generation Firewall that delivers all of these services. Each firewall bundles a hardware appliance with the security services needed for comprehensive network protection from a wide range of advanced threats.
  • Essential Protection Service Suite or Advanced Protection Service Suite All-in-One network protection that combines gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, application intelligence and control, content filtering, firmware updates, and 24x7 support delivered through a high-performance, deep-packet inspection firewall.
  • Network Security Manager (NSM) provides service providers with a powerful and intuitive solution to rapidly deploy and centrally manage SonicWall firewalls. 

All of these components are bundled into a convenient and attractive monthly subscription price with no upfront investment required.


Who qualifies

Any SonicWall SecureFirst partner can utilize the SECaaS monthly subscription pricing model to grow their business with this OPEX model.